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These are a few of the words that describe Agile professionals. The Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA) is a group of Agile professionals dedicated to bringing together others with a passion for Agile and furthering the use of Agile practices in delivering value to our organizations. Your membership with COHAA puts you on the front lines of the Agile community in Central Ohio, represented by many of the largest and fastest-growing organizations in the area.

COHAA is a non-profit organization run and supported by volunteers. Every dollar of membership fees and event charges are used to host events and provide Agile-related information and education to our members. COHAA offers a Premiere Membership to anyone with the passion for Agile. COHAA also offers Free Membership, which gets you on our mailing list to receive emails about upcoming events and special announcements.

The price for Premiere Membership is $35.00 now and then $35.00 per Year.

Premiere Membership expires after 1 Year. Free Membership does not expire, and Premiere Members who do not renew their Premiere status will automatically be converted to free membership.

By becoming a member, you will receive email from COHAA about upcoming events and special announcements. You may opt out of COHAA emails at any time; however, if you do opt out, you will not receive advanced notice of events and specials before the general public.

Benefits of Becoming a Premiere Member

  • Discounted rates for COHAA meetings and conferences.
  • Discounted rates for COHAA partner organization events.
  • Priority registration for COHAA events.
  • Participation in member-only events, such as Day In The Life tours.
  • Advanced notice of COHAA events.
  • Access to member-only information on the COHAA site, including white papers, discussions, and other features.
  • Inclusion in the largest agile professional network in Central Ohio.
  • Access to the global agile network through COHAA’s partnership with Agile organizations across the U.S. and world.


Select a Membership Type to Begin

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Level Price  
Premiere Membership $35.00 per Year.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Member Free. Select

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